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Executive Search Services

Is the cost of not filling the job having negative ramifications to your business?
Do you really need to find the ideal talent for your most senior positions?
Can you not afford to take a risk with lower cost alternatives like posting a job or searching through LinkedIn? 
Do you need to ensure confidentiality of the position posting?

Rita is your answer! 

We understand that quality leadership helps drive the success of your company.  They deliver both the vision and the guidance necessary to move your organization forward. 


At Rita, we will help you attract and retain high quality leaders.  It's a combination of our 35+ years experience in this industry, our tenured talent experts, combined with our processes, systems, relationships and focus that make us unique and ensures we find the executive talent needs to find the perfect match for you and your organization.

 We are a recruitment company that specializes in sourcing high quality technology candidates for executive, leadership, and very specialized roles.  A retained executive search represents clear commitments from you and Rita.  It also sends a strong message that you highly value the opportunity.  When confidentiality, time, and / or talent complexity are critical, retained executive services are a great solution and provide the best in performance outcomes. 


Because we are "retained", we:

  • work exclusively for you, our client

  • take the time to assess existing talent within the business and your needs

  • understand your company culture and all facets of the role

We listen. We assess. And, then we deliver results!

IT / Executive Positions Recruited by Rita:

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

VP Applications Development

VP Infrastructure

Enterprise Architecture

Cloud Architect

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

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