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"It is predicted that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber

security positions by 2025"

By 2025, a staggering 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions

are expected globally. This projection comes from a study by

Cybersecurity Ventures, a leading research and market

intelligence firm specializing in cybersecurity.

In the US, as of December 2023, there are close to 600,000 job

openings and nearly one-third of those are from California

(63,000+ jobs) and Texas (67,000+ jobs). That’s despite the

1,053,468-strong US cybersecurity workforce, according

to Cyber Seek data.

The predicted cost of cybercrime by 2025 is a staggering $10.5 trillion annually.

This figure comes from Cybersecurity Ventures, a research organization focused on cyber threats and their impact.

Services we offer

  • Contract / Consulting Services:​ Rita Technology's Cyber Services can help your company​ reduce fixed costs by staffing entire projects, departments or by simply providing expert consultants on as as-needed basis.  Our contract consultants are able to assist you for short or long-term assignments.

  • Direct Hire or Contract-to-Hire Placements:  Consultants can be placed in full-time positions within your organizations on a for-fee basis, or on a contract basis, after which time the consultant may be hire at your discretion.

Our professional staffing services provide clients with the flexibility to quickly ramp up for critical short-term projects, and scale down when resources are no longer needed.

Our Areas of expertise:  Perimeter defense, end-point solutions, web intrusion detection, network intrusion detection, breach prevention, network and payload analytics, end-point-analytics, internal threat defense, ransomware protection, penetration and vulnerability assessments, audits.

Who we serve

Hospitality, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Software, Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Hospitals, Transportation, and many more.



AVP Global Information Security Architecture

Information Security Manager

Enterprise Security Architect

Cloud Security Architect

Security Engineer

Information Security Analyst

Security Compliance Analyst

Penetration Tester

IT Audit


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