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BIG Announcement!

Updated: May 14, 2020

Santa came early to Rita Technology Services!

We are THRILLED to announce launch of our BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

We’re so excited about it we just can’t even.

We'd like to thank for providing such an excellent platform, so that companies like us using internal talent with no coding experience can easily create professional websites! Seriously Wix, you rock.

We'd also like to thank and their inspirational blog for providing great advice regarding website design, branding, social media - pretty much everything a staffing company needs to update and improve their online presence. We drew heavily on your advice and we greatly appreciate it!

Here are some of our favorite features of the new

1. The Rita Tech e-Learning Portal – This is the biggest, newest change! We're thrilled that in addition to helping you find jobs or augment your staff with top talent, we can now offer education courses to help you advance your career or your increase IT staff's knowledge, skills, and certifications.

Our state-of-the art Learning Management System offers over 170 instructor-led courses, interactive labs for hands-on experience, and the flexibility to access the classes online wherever and whenever you want.

Yes, that means you can literally attend classes in your pajamas.

eLearning features include:

  • Live study groups and student collaboration

  • Instructor-led lectures

  • Lab demonstrations

  • Multi-media presentations

  • Flashcards and educational games

  • Full mobile optimization

  • Live forums and online support

  • Social Media Integration

  • High quality learning content with a 98% pass rate

Shop courses now and contact us for special, unadvertised pricing!

2. Mobile optimization - Remember Mobilegeddon? Yeah...that was a wake up call for us.

It's not just Google's algorithm we're catering to, but job seekers as well. Kelton Research states that “70% of job seekers are willing to apply for a job via smartphone, but more than a quarter of larger companies said that not a single part of their hiring process has been mobile-optimized.”

We're paying attention to changing needs of job seekers (we see you, Millenials). High on the list is the ability to easily (and discreetly) carry out a job search from a mobile device, and we're now providing you with that ability.

3. Social media integration – not just because it’s trendy, but because social media helps build relationships. And that’s what we’re all about.

We’re a company made up of people, and we do business with people. We take the time to get to know our customers, listening to what they want and need, and understanding all the details that will impact their success.

Social media is an excellent way to enhance relationships with our customers, as well as allowing you to get a glimpse of the people that make up Rita Technology Services. Transparency and honesty are key in building healthy business relationships. Plus, social media is fun and we really like having a valid excuse to be facebooking at work.

4. Blog - Yes, we're taking the plunge into the blogosphere.

Until now, we’ve been so busy matchmaking between companies and IT professionals that blogging has not been a priority. But we're always looking for innovative ways to offer additional resources to our customers. So we want our blog to be a place for you to stay updated on career tips, tech trends, local information, company news, and maybe even a little bit of fun here and there.

5. Updated graphics – because the importance of “easy on the eyes” cannot be overstated.

We took time to plan our website's layout, images, and overall look and feel to be visually pleasing and make visitors feel welcome and interested.

And even though we couldn't avoid a few stock photos (we're only human, after all), many of our images are REAL pictures of the people and surroundings here at Rita, such as the picture of our front door on the "About Rita" page or the picture of Tampa's city skyline on the homepage. We also used a few of Wix's professional photos, which are much better than some stock photos we found out there that are

So welcome to the new and improved! Make yourself at home, browse around, and feel free to send feedback via comments to this blog post. We want to provide you with the best experience possible, so we welcome constructive criticism.

Thank you for visiting!

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